Steel Pipe Decoration

Steel Pipe Decoration

Stainless steel decorative tube is also called stainless steel welded pipe for short, commonly used steel or steel strip to be welded into the steel tube after the coil of the unit and the mould. The production process of welded steel tube is simple, the production efficiency is high, the...

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Product Details

Stainless steel decoration pipe, also called stainless steel welded steel pipe or welded pipe, the commonly used steel or steel strip after crimp units and dies made of welded steel pipe

Welded steel pipe production technology is simple, high production efficiency, varieties, specifications, less equipment investment, but the general strength is lower than the seamless steel tube. Since the 1930s, with the rapid development of high quality strip steel rolling production and the progress of welding and inspection technology, constantly improve the weld quality, increasing varieties of welded steel pipe specifications, and in the field of more and more especially in heat exchange equipment with low pressure fluid in pipe, decorative, pipe instead of seamless steel tube.



ASTM A312, ASTM A554, ISO9001,ect.

Steel Grade

TP201, TP202, TP304, TP304L, TP316, TP316L, TP430,ect.

Size Range

OD: 6mm--630mm)     

Thickness: 0.3mm--30mm


PED, GOST, ASME, ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, License for pressure pipes of China.

Available Surface

Matte finish - #400 Bright - #600 Bright - 6K Mirror - 8K Mirror - Hair Line

Stainless steel decorative tube

The classification of the stainless steel pipe
1. According to the production method of classification: (1) Seamless tube, cold drawn tube, extrusion tube, cold rolling tube. (2) Welded pipe: Classification by craft, gas shielded welding pipe, arc welding, resistance welding pipe (high frequency and low frequency). According to the weld points - straight seam welded pipe, spiral welded pipe.
2. According to the cross section shape classification: (1) the circular steel tube; (2) rectangular tube.
3. According to the classification of wall thickness, thin-walled steel pipe, thick-walled steel pipe.
4, According to usage classification: (1) according to the use of civil pipe runs round tubes, rectangular tubes, pipe, generally used to decorate, building, structure, etc; (2) Industry pipe: steel tube for piping, general steel pipe (drinking water), the mechanical structure for piping/fluid conveying pipe, boiler heat exchange tube, food hygiene, etc. Commonly used in industrial fields such as petroleum chemical industry, papermaking, nuclear energy, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries of fluid pipeline is required to be higher.

Stainless steel decoration pipe

Connection Type 
A variety of stainless steel pipe connection: common type of pipe fittings have compression type, pressure type, living type, push, push the thread, flange connection socket welding type, living type, welding and welding with traditional connection way of derived series connection. The connection mode, according to its principle, its applicable scope is also different, but most are convenient installation, firm and reliable. Joint seal or gasket material, most choose to meet the requirements of national standard of silicone rubber, NBR and epdm and so on, from the user's worries.

The production processes are: Stainless steel sheet > slitting > moulding > welding > bright surface treatment > inner outer treatment > shaping > sizing > eddy current testing > laser diameter measuring>send to stock.

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