Stainless Boiler Tube

Stainless Boiler Tube

The stainless boiler tube is widely used in industrial boilers, because of characteristics of high temperature steam, ammonia corrosion, anti-fouling and long life.The boiler tube we produce has high quality of approval at China and abroad......

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Steam boiler is an important equipment for the production of chemical industry.

The steam is an indispensable source of heat source and power source in petrochemical enterprises. With the development of production technology, the exchange and recycling of heat energy is becoming more and more frequent, and the use of various types of boilers is increasing, so the automation of boiler operation is becoming more and more attention. Boiler operation automation not only reduces the labor intensity of workers, to ensure the safe and stable operation of equipment, more important is greatly improve the efficiency of fuel combustion, has good effect to save energy. In this case, we must understand the purpose and characteristics of the stainless boiler tube.

cold drawn seamless boiler tube

China's boilers are divided into living boilers, general industrial boilers, locomotive boilers and coal-fired power boilers。

Main type of steel: 1Cr18Ni9(TP304H), 310H, 321H, 1Cr19Ni11Nb (TP347H), Supercritical boiler tube S30432 and S31042.

Production standard:

Gb5310-1995 《Seamless steel pipe for high pressure boiler》

Gb13296-2013 《Stainless steel seamless pipe for boiler and heat exchanger》

ASME SA213 《Seamless ferritic and austenitic alloy steel tubes for boiler, superheater and heat exchanger》

tubes for boiler

Stainless boiler tube characteristics:

1. High temperature steam, ammonia corrosion, anti-fouling, long service life.

2. Product portfolio diversification, construction and assembly convenient.

3. The stainless steel pipe is integrated, firm and durable.

Currently, the standard of austenitic stainless steel tube for boiler is mainly two types, namely GB5310-95 high pressure boiler with seamless steel tube and GB/T13296-91 boiler, heat exchanger with stainless steel seamless steel pipe.

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