ASTM A252 Steel Pipe Pilings

Pipe Piles with specification ASTM A 252 mainly contains material of Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3, widely used in the harbour construction, Ocean construction etc.

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ASTM/ASME A252/SA252 Piling Pipe

Pipe Pile Product Introduction. BSW ASTM/ASME A252/SA252 steel piling pipe is a structural pipe ideally suited for application in buildings, retaining walls, and other structures needing solid, dependably, quality made steel piling pipe as its structure.

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ASTM A252 Steel Pipe Pilings Specification:

Mechanical Tests

Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Tensile Strength, Min, Psi (Mpa)

50 000 (345)

60 000 (415)

66 000 (455)

Yield  Strength, Min, Psi (Mpa)

30 000 (205)

35 000 (240)

45 000 (310)

Helical Piles Description:

We manufacture our tubular products at BSW facility that produce high-quality tubular products with low-residuals in a wide range of strength levels with superior toughness. our customers are assured of the highest levels of quality and have access to concerned and invested customer service.

BSW ASTM/ASME A252/SA252 is Standard Specification for Welded and Seamless Steel Pipe Piles.

ASTM Specification A252 describes nominal (average) wall steel pipe piles of cylindrical shape and applies to pipe piles in which the steel cylinder acts as a permanent load-carrying member or as a shell to form case-in-place concrete piles.

Surface imperfections exceeding 25% of the nominal wall in depth are considered defects. Defects not exceeding 22.5% of the nominal wall in depth may be repaired by welding. Before welding, the defect shall be completely removed.

Testing Requirements for seamless and welded A252 steel piling pipe:
Hydrostatic Testing: Not specified.     NDT Testing: Needed.
Tensile Test: Either longitudinal or transverse at option of manufacturer.
Number of Tests: One tensile test per 200 lengths.
Permissible Variations for A252 steel piling pipe.
Wall Thickness: Not more than 12.5% under the nominal wall thickness specified.
Outside Diameter: Shall not vary more than plus or minus 1% from the diameter specified.
Lengths of A252 steel piling pipe.
BSW A252 steel piling pipe may be ordered in single or double random lengths or in uniform lengths.

Marking Requirements
Rolled, die-stamped, or paint-stenciled (manufacturer's option).
Manufacturer's name, brand, or trademark
Heat number
Method of pipe manufacture
Size, weight, length
Wall thickness
ASTM A252 and steel grade


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