• ASTM A252 Steel Pipe Pilings

    ASTM A252 Steel Pipe Pilings

    Pipe Piles with specification ASTM A 252 mainly contains material of Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3, widely used in the harbour construction, Ocean construction etc.

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  • Top Branded SSAW/SAWH Steel Pile Pipe

    Top Branded SSAW/SAWH Steel Pile Pipe

    Shanghai BSW Petro-Pipe Co.,LTD. is incorporated since July 2003, now becomes top branded SSAW/SAWH steel pipe mill of China, supplying to worldwide for high-performance line pipes and structural...

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  • Steel Piling Pipes

    Steel Piling Pipes

    Product Introduction When the utility model is used, the steel pipe piles are overlapped with each other in an arc shape or a circular shape. Can play Wai water, soil, sand and other role. The...

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  • SSAW Steel Pipe Pile For Marine Construction

    SSAW Steel Pipe Pile For Marine Construction

    Spirally submerged Arc Welding pipe pile with hot-rolled steel strip for the tube blank, at room temperature spiral shape, the use of double-sided submerged arc welding, for civil engineering...

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  • Pipe Pile Price

    Pipe Pile Price

    SSAW Pipe Pile Price As a professional SSAW/SAWH tubular steel pipe pile manufacturer, we always receive pipe pile inquiries worldwide, some from trading company, some from EPC company, some even...

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  • SSAW Piling Pipe

    SSAW Piling Pipe

    The application of piling pipes is widespread, and the diameter of piling pipes is bigger and bigger. The largest diameter piling pipe of Shanghai BSW Petro-Pipe Co., Ltd.(BSW) has been produced...

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  • ASTM A252 Piling Pipes

    ASTM A252 Piling Pipes

    KRM produce ASTM A252 Piling Pipes - round submerged arc welded steel tubing. All these piling pipes meet ASTM specifications ASTM A252 standard. Meanwhile, the material contain Grade 1, Grade 2...

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  • SSAW Steel Pipe Pile With Popular Size And Steel Grade

    SSAW Steel Pipe Pile With Popular Size And Steel Grade

    BSW produce the popular specification ASTM A 252 Gr.3, EN10219 S355JR, API 5L X52,X60,X65, with the popular out diameter 1219mm,914mm,762mm,508mm with max wall thickness of 25.4mm.

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    Tubular pipe pile in standard of EN10219 normally contains SSAW/SAWH steel pipe pile, LASW steel tubular pile,ERW/HFW pipe pile. The normal steel grade are S235JR,S235J0,S235J2,S355JR, S355J0,...

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    BSW is the manufacturers of SSAW Steel Pipe Piles, Specification according to ASTM A252, EN 10219, API 5L. Size range from Dia 406mm to 2500mm, wall thickness max 25.4mm. Contact us ...

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    BSW is the manufacturer of SSAW TUBULAR PILE, SSAW Spiral Welded Steel Pipe Pile, Steel Pipe Pile for Bridge Building, DN 1500 Spiral Welded API 5L Carbon Steel SSAW Pipe, SAW Steel Pipe,SSAW...

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  • Ocean Piling Pipe ASTM A252

    Ocean Piling Pipe ASTM A252

    Ocean construction use Piling Pipe ASTM A252

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