Oil Field Supply Chain

  • External-Cutter & Internal-Cutter

    External-Cutter & Internal-Cutter

    External Cutter & Internal Cutter External cutter & Internal cutter are special tools used to cut pipes in underground operation. We supply various high quality External cutter & Internal...

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  • External&Internal Hooks

    External&Internal Hooks

    External Hook & Internal Hook External Hooks & Internal Hooks are useful tools for fishing rope and ring type fishes in work-over operation. We supply various sizes External Hooks & Internal...

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  • Die Collar

    Die Collar

    Die Collar is simple, rugged, dependable external catch fishing tool. We supplies high quality die collars which are made of excellent alloy steel with the characters such as high strength, good...

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  • Cone Fisher

    Cone Fisher

    Cone fisher is one special tool for fishing objects such as drill bit cone dropped in hole during drilling or work over operation. With strong grinding force, cone fisher is suitable for the...

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    Casing scraper is one useful tool designed to remove scale, mud cake, cement sheath, embedded bullets, and other foreign materials from inside of the casing wall in work over operation.We offer...

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    Kelly Kelly is used to connect the topmost joint of drill pipe for drill stem turning when the rotary table runs. We supply both square kelly and hexagonal kelly.

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  • Heavy Weight Drill Pipe

    Heavy Weight Drill Pipe

    Heavy Weight Drill Pipe (HWDP) Heavy weight drill pipe is the tool used as a transition between the normal drill pipe and the heavier drill collars. In some applications, heavy-weight drill...

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  • Drill Pipe

    Drill Pipe

    Drill Pipe Drill pipe is industrial tubular widely used for drilling operation. We specially offers drill pipe available in various sizes and weights, and all drill pipes are manufactured...

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  • Drill Collar

    Drill Collar

    Drill Collar Drill collars are manufactured strictly according to API Spec7-1 standard with material of AISI 4145 Mod. We supply slick drill collars, spiral drill collars and non-magnetic drill...

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    We specializes in supplying quality mud pumps and mud pump parts. The Made-in-China F series mud pumps have same reliable quality and performance as other USA products. Now, F series mud pumps...

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  • Mud Pump And Parts

    Mud Pump And Parts


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    Inside BOP, i.e. inside blowout preventer, is the necessary tool in drilling operations, especially when the blowout occurred, the inside BOP will be connected to drill pipe to help releasing the...

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