Downhole Tools



    Inside BOP, i.e. inside blowout preventer, is the necessary tool in drilling operations, especially when the blowout occurred, the inside BOP will be connected to drill pipe to help releasing the...

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  • Stabilizer


    Stabilizer is one useful tool for drilling operation. We offers a wide variety of near bit stabilizers and string stabilizers according to API SPEC 7-1. All drilling stabilizers are integral...

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  • One-Way Shock Absorber

    One-Way Shock Absorber

    One-way shock absorber is one kind of drilling tool that affects shock absorption by depending on hydraulic oil under external force through elastic deformation and damping, also called as shock...

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  • Roller Reamer

    Roller Reamer

    Roller reamer, also called drilling reamer, is very useful tool for drilling operation, especially used for the function of stabilization in drilling of the abrasive formation. We provide roller...

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  • Lifting Sub

    Lifting Sub

    Lifting sub is the special tools for lifting of the drill tools in petroleum, natural gas industry and geologic exploration. There ’re two types for drill tool lifting sub in structure: type or B....

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  • Lifting Cap

    Lifting Cap

    Lifting cap is a special tool for lifting of drilling tools in petroleum, natural gas, drilling engineering and geo-graphical exploration, also called as lifting bail. We provide the lifting cap...

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  • Super Fishing Jar

    Super Fishing Jar

    Super fishing jar is designed to permit the operator to easily and simply control the intensity of the jarring blow within a wide range, from a very light impact to a blow of very high impact....

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    Hole opener is one kind of universal hole opening tool for onshore and offshore oilfield drilling. Working together with bit, hole opener can finish both drilling and opening at the same time.

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  • Float Valve And Sub

    Float Valve And Sub

    Float (check) valve is usually installed with float sub (long sub bored out for a specific float) to prevent fluids from backing up in the drill string while adding/ removing rods. Below types of...

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  • Downhole Motor

    Downhole Motor

    Down hole motor is a positive-displacement motor, widely used in drilling, kick-off, azimuth control, coring, reaming, and work over for directional wells, horizontal wells, of oilfields and coal...

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  • Cup Type Tester

    Cup Type Tester

    Cup Type Tester assembly consists of a Mandrel, Sub and F cup type Tester. The F cup type Tester assembly is attached to the drill pipe and lowered into the casing below the well-head to test the...

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    Cross-Over Sub Cross-over sub acts for switching and connection of drill stem in petroleum, natural gas and geology drilling work. During drilling operations, cross-over sub is mainly used to...

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