• Seamless Casing Pipe

    Seamless Casing Pipe

    Seamless Casing Pipe Product Introduction . Pipe run from the surface and intended to line the walls of a drilled well. It is made of seamless pipes. It is inserted into a well bore and cemented...

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  • ERW Casing Pipe

    ERW Casing Pipe

    ERW Casing Pipe Product Introduction. Electric-welded pipe has one longitudinal seam formed by electric-resistance or electric-induction welding without the addition of filler metal. The edges to...

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  • Well Tubing

    Well Tubing

    Well Tubing Product Introduction. A device for obtaining water from beneath the ground, consisting of a wrought-iron pipe armed with a sharp point, and having a series of perforations at the lower...

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  • Casing Tubing

    Casing Tubing

    Casing Tubing Product Introduction. Kingruiman has an experienced and reputable OCTG manufacturer in the Group. The company, which is based in Cangzhou City,China is a world famous mill in...

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  • Oil Tubing

    Oil Tubing

    Oil Tubing Product Introduction. Pipe placed in a well to produce or inject fluids. Oil Tubing is pipe used for the transportation of crude oil and natural gas from an oil or gas layer to the...

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