The Steel Production Capacity Will Be Reduced By 50% In Zhengzhou

- Sep 27, 2017 -

On September 25, Zhengzhou city has released “The Implementation Plan for Comprehensive Control of Air Pollution in Autumn and Winter of Zhengzhou in 2017 ~ 2018.” The overall goal of this year’s autumn and winter air pollution prevention and control were specified—from October 2017 to March 2018, the County (City) District, Development Zone, the average concentration of PM2.5 should fall more than 20%, heavy pollution days fell more than 15%. To achieve this goal, “The Program” has supported 49 specific measures.



Industrial enterprises, including steel, building materials, and non-ferrous chemicals, the production will be stagger during the peak period, or the production will be stopped during the heating season.


The steel casting industry implemented some stagger production. By September 20, 2017, we have formulated a plan to suspend production of the peak limit, and use the steel enterprises produced by the blast furnace to reduce 50% of the production of steel in the heating season. In addition to the electric furnace and natural gas furnace that meet the emission requirements, other enterprises in the heating season have implemented the shutdown. The electric furnace and natural gas furnace should be discontinued during the warning period of heavy pollution in yellow and above. In the building materials industry, cement, brick kiln, ceramic, glass cotton, rock wool, gypsum board and other building materials industry, in addition to natural gas or electricity for fuel, the heating season is all out of production.


In the period of heating season, the electrolytic aluminum factory limits the output by more than 30%. Alumina enterprises limit production by 30%. If the carbon enterprises fail to reach the special emission limit value, all production will be suspended, which will meet the special emission limit value, and the production limit shall be more than 50%.The casting process of the non-ferrous renewable industry is limited by 50% in the heating season.


Strictly control coal consumption. This year, coal accounted for less than 65 percent of total energy consumption. The total coal consumption of the municipal electricity industry was cut by 2.2 million tons.


It will strictly implement equal or reduced consumption of coal. A new expansion of coal consumption, which is not required to be consumed by the same amount or less of the coal consumption as required by “Air 10”, will stop production during the heating season.


We will resolve coal overcapacity. Before the end of October, two or more coal mines will be shut down and coal production capacity will be eliminated by more than 300,000 tons. Accelerate central heating. On October 20, 99 heat exchanger stations, 82.5 km pipe network and new heating area of 9.9 million square meters, will meet the standard of central heating requirements on time, and the city central heating rate reached more than 80%. We will accelerate the development of coal and gas generation coal. Accelerate the construction of clean coal production and storage distribution center. The city has built 9 clean coal production and storage centers, 55 distribution outlets, and fully covered the clean coal production and storage center. It is also important to prevent the coal from burning.




We will further expand the elimination range of small coal-fired boilers. The total elimination of 10 tons and less than 10 tons of coal-fired boilers in the administrative region of the city. A total of 20 tons and less than 20 tons of coal-fired boilers will be eliminated in the area covered by the central heating pipe network. Ensure that all 279 coal-fired boilers included in the 2017 elimination list. Promote the upgrading of boiler. On October 1, all coal-fired boilers that fail to meet the required emissions will be discontinued.


This year's heating season will be strictly enforced “Soil limit”. The construction area of the city will stop all kinds of construction work, the demolition of houses, and stop the work of road projects, water conservancy projects and land remediation. To implement the system of "blacklisting" of dust pollution, the construction units with poor prevention and control of dust pollution and serious circumstances should be included in the "blacklist", and the bidding activities of government investment projects shall be prohibited.


Strengthen the transport vehicle of residual and road dust control. The rate of mechanized cleaning and flushing of main roads and elevated roads in the central city reaches 100%; Gradually increase the mechanized cleaning rate of secondary roads and alleys; The average precipitation assessment was carried out. With the average precipitation of less than 9 tons/month · square kilometers as the control index.


To promote the comprehensive improvement of open pit mines. We shall be ordered to suspend production and remediation in accordance with the law, and formulate a plan for improvement in accordance with the "one mining policy". We should strengthen the restoration of greening and dust suppression. 


Bulk material implementation stagger peak transport. Formulate a plan for the implementation of the "one-plant policy" of the peak in the heating season.

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