Fake Steel Pipe Makers Arrested In China

- Feb 04, 2018 -

Fake steel pipe makers arrested in China July 2017

Fake steel pipe makers arrested in Tianjin China on 19th, July 2017, its amount involved up to 600 million yuan.

In order to earn high profits, 10 criminals turned non-brand pipe "gorgeous" into steel pipe of famous brands, using counterfeit "mill test certificates" to shoddy selling fake pipe in Tianjin market July 19, 2017. Tianjin police cracked this sale of fake cases, involving an amount of nearly 600000000 yuan, arrested 10 people involved, effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of the well-known enterprises in China, formed a great deterrent to intellectual property infringement. In November 2017, 10 suspects were transferred to the prosecution for alleged crimes of selling counterfeit registered trademarks.

Counterfeit steel pipe appeared

February 2017, Tianjin Public Security Bureau Economic Investigation Corps police found that some steel market in Tianjin China, some people sell a brand of inferior steel pipe, the investigation team immediately set up a task force to investigate the clues focused on a steel pipe trading company. After the visit, the police learned that the trading company sales of well-known brand steel pipe, pipe of all types readily available.
At this point, police get the clue, the company sold a number of well-known brand steel pipe to a commerce company in Shandong Province. Police rushed to Shandong, transferred to the steel pipe samples and sales companies to Shandong commerce company's "product quality certificate" (referred to as "MTC"). After the confirmation, the "MTC" forged, the product sample is not tested by the company's products. The task force immediately investigated the company for investigation.

Arrested the suspect

With the continuous deepening of the investigation, the fake brand steel pipe sales team gradually appeared in front of the task force: It is a criminal gang, The gang, with the steel pipe sales companies and other companies they set up as coverings, purchased the steel pipes from small-sized enterprises at low prices from the steel pipe market in Liaocheng, Shandong, etc., and took measures such as cold-drawing and hot expanding, painting and re-marking , The standard steel pipe into well-known enterprises of the regular products.....
During the operation, the police arrested 10 suspects and seized a large number of inkjet printers, inkjet stencils, copiers, paint sprayers and thinners Acetone), computers, color printers and other crimes equipment, as well as a large number of books, accounting documents, sales receipts and other financial information, involving a total amount of nearly 600000000 yuan....

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