The European Union Has Announced A Temporary Tariff On Chinese Stainless Steel Products

- Oct 16, 2017 -

The European commission has announced provisional import duties of up to 28.5% for some stainless steel products from China. 

The European commission said in a statement that some stainless steel products from China had received unfair subsidies and would be subject to import duties ranging from 17.2 percent to 28.5percent.The Chinese steel companies involved include Gang Gang Group, Shougang Group, Shagang Group, etc.The European Union will hold a hearing in 25 days and will lodge a complaint at the hearing.

In recent years, the EU has repeatedly applied anti-dumping measures against Chinese steel.On April 6, the European Union announced that it would impose anti-dumping duties of 18.1% to 35.9% over the next five years on China's hot-rolled coil.

Wang Hejun, head of China's commerce ministry's trade relief bureau, said earlier that China is highly concerned about the protectionist tendencies that Europe has expressed in the steel industry.Trade protection measures, is not only beneficial to fundamentally solve the problem of surplus world iron and steel production, but also hinder the normal operation of the international trade order, is not conducive to the sustainable development of the global steel industry.

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