How LSAW tubular pile pipe is made

- Mar 02, 2018 -

How LSAW tubular pile pipe is made

Manufacturing Process Flow for SAWL steel pipe- Piling use.


1— Steel Plate incoming. 2 —Plate pre-inspection/Plate UT. 3—Cutting edge Milling. 4—Crimping. 5—J-C-O forming. 6—Tack welding. 7—Internal welding. 8—External welding. 9—Rounding. 10—Pre inspection. 11—Defects grinding 12—Grinding inspection. 13—Expansion( if necessary). 14—Weld seam100% UT. 15—Weld seam defects repair. 16—Repaired welds UT. 17—Plain ends and chamfering. 18—Sampling.  19—Full length of pipe (100%) UT, Pipe ends Manual UT. 20—Final inspection. 21—Weighing and marking. 22—Storing.


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