EFW Pipe Vs ERW Pipe

- Nov 15, 2017 -

1. EFW Pipe


Electro fusion welding (EFW steel tube) refers to electron beam welding. The electron beam is transformed into hot workpiece by high speed movement, and the work piece is melted away to form weld seam.


It is mainly used for dissimilar steel welding thin plate or high power density welding, metal weldment can be heated to high temperature rapidly, melting any refractory metal and alloy. Deep penetration welding is fast and the heat affected zone is very small, so it has little effect on the joint performance, and the joints almost don't deform. But it has special welding chamber requirements, because it uses X ray welding.



2. ERW Pipe


Resistance welding (ERW steel pipe): welding component combination is the use of pressure through the electrode, through the contact surface and the adjacent heating resistance welding process, the current use of joint zone, also known as contact welding. It has excellent toughness and dynamic load strength, welding deformation.

Commonly used spot welding, seam welding and butt three.


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